Truth behind CD34 Stem Cell - Beauty-Stem® Biomedical Review


Truth behind CD34 Stem Cell - Beauty-Stem® Biomedical Review

Beauty-Stem Biomedical claims their oral nutritients can boost Stem-Cell, Is it true?

Oral CD34 Nu-Cell Stem Cell Activated Protein? Is it Real?

Many people have doubts about the absorption of CD34 Nu-Cell® (Stem-Cell activivated protein) by the human body because diabetes patients on the market still need to use insulin injections for treatment, and oral insulin medications have not yet been developed by major pharmaceutical companies. So, can CD34 Nu-Cell® distributed by Beauty-Stem Biomedical be absorbed through oral administration?

Technology Bottleneck of Oral Delivery. What Impedes us?

Why is it still not possible to produce an oral formulation of insulin? In fact, advanced laboratories have already developed oral insulin formulations that use polymers such as chitosan to protect insulin, preventing it from being destroyed by stomach acid after oral administration and allowing it to enter the bloodstream after absorption in the small intestine villi. However, even with the insulin entering the human body, a portion of it is still destroyed by stomach acid, and after entering the bloodstream, some of it is metabolized by the liver. Only the remaining insulin can exert its effects in the body. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies find it difficult to mass-produce and maintain the high cost of oral insulin, and its effectiveness is relatively limited. This is also why pharmaceutical companies do not develop oral insulin formulations.

Oral Insulin Status - Scientific Journal (Kumar V, Choudhry I, Namdev A, Mishra S, Soni S, Hurkat P, Jain A, Jain D. Oral Insulin: Myth or Reality. Curr Diabetes Rev. 2018;14(6):497-508. doi: 10.2174/1573399813666170621122742. PMID: 28637407.)


The Advantage of Power-Stem Biomedical Patented CD34 Nu-Cell®

In comparison to insulin, the CD34 Nu-Cell® (Stem-Cell activivated protein) developed by Power-Stem Biomedical uses oral microspheres to protect its activity, allowing it to safely pass through stomach acid. The difference is that the micro-liposome of CD34 Nu-Cell® are lipophilic. After absorption by the small intestine villi, they do not enter the bloodstream but are transported to the small intestinal lacteal, entering the lymphatic system of the human body and bypassing liver metabolism. This absorption mechanism enables CD34 Nu-Cell® (Stem-Cell activivated protein) to be safely transported to the bone marrow, providing the necessary biological signals for the bone marrow factory to continuously produce stem cells. Therefore, the advanced absorption method of CD34 Nu-Cell® effectively nourishes the bone marrow and provides the required biological signals for it.

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Time to save your own Health-Deposit!

Human stem cells gradually lose their vitality after the age of 40, which is one of the reasons for the emergence of many chronic diseases. Therefore, maintaining the health of stem cells is as important as maintaining health deposit in the human body. Only through continuous health maintenance can we cope with the various challenges brought about by aging. Beauty-Stem Biomedical is the dynamic platform founded by Power-Stem Biomedical inc., provding the best customer service for your life, health, and wealth. 

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