Preventive healthcare is the brightest star in the 21st century, Power-Stem is one of the most advanced pioneers in this field.
Power-Stem is a natural health platform co-founded by two siblings, Dr. Lin (Ph.D), who have dedicated their knowledge and efforts to those they love.

Driven by a desire to improve the quality of life for their mother, who was suffering from Parkinson's disease, Dr. Lin used her expertise as a renowned biologist and college professor to develop a patented re-activation peptide, CD34 NU CELLS®, improving the quality of life.


Power-Stem, founded on the love of Dr. Lin, is dedicated to helping people live their best lives through the use of scientifically proven, all-natural supplements. We strive to improve the health of individuals, families, and society through our dynamic affiliate health platform.


Power-Stem has invented a re-activation protein that provides the body with an intrinsic re-activating signal to revitalize its own repair mechanisms.

Power-Stem is supported by a strong R&D department consisting of Ph.D's, MDs, and college professors. Utilizing the benefits of production-marketing-research integration (PMRI), Power-Stem is able to provide the market with all-natural nutritional supplements and exceptional customer service.

To ensure the health of all ages, Power-Stem has established the ''Power-Stem Biomedical Laboratory'', helping you to view your own life deposit. Power-Stem is always here to support you.


Power-Stem's mission:
Give Back”,“All-Natural”and“PMRI  
Hope to gather friends with the same philosophy and work together to create the value of life :

Give BackPower-Stem upholds this spirit and aims to spread love by helping more people enjoy healthy and happy lives.

All-NaturalThe Power-Stem R&D team is committed to using natural, non-toxic raw materials and has obtained several SGS certifications. We prioritize food safety and your health.

PMRIProduction-Marketing -Research Integration,Power-Stem follows a vertical business model that includes manufacturing, brand building, quality control, and marketing, providing the public with greater quality assurance